Sign of the cloportes, courtesy of Heresia

Webmaster : Torlan

A tribute to midnite

Ok, this is the page of the mighty Cloporte's clan, but, first of all, I would like to pay homage to my favourite mud (maybe your's too !) : midnite ( port 4000). In this world of uniformity and selfishness, midnite is nothing but a haven of friendship, brotherhood, and, in my point of view, solidarity.

I know that many people won't agree with me, but I personnaly definitely think that midnite is more than a game. Playing midnite I met great people, I appreciate almost every player in midnite, and some of them became great, great, friends. I don't want to list those fantastic people because I would forget some of them but I think they recognized themselves. But believe me when I say that it would be terrible for me if midnite was to disappear.

One of the aspects I mostly appreciated on midnite is the tolerance of the players. I used to play on another mud where people began to boycott my character (as you can guess, it was named Torlan) when they learned I'm a teacher. Almost everyone on midnite knows I'm a teacher and I never felt rejected because of that.

Furthermore, as many of you know, I suffer of a severe disorder in my immune system that hurts a lot. So, it feels good to join midnite when my legs or my wrists pain makes me want to cry.

To conclude this stuff - I think most people stopped a few sentences ago - midnite is both my medicine and the most enjoyable place on all internet. The place where I meet my BEST FRIENDS.

If you want to learn more about midnite (player's photographs, news etc.), please aim your mace sorry, I meant, your browser to the midnite official page and to the Scrolls of Midnite

Many Thanks to all of you, midnite players !

Torlan, former leader and webmaster of the Cloporte's clan

Entomology first degree : the woodlouse mania !

First, what is a cloporte, or woodlouse in English ?

Is it No no, this is a beetle, not a woodlouse !, surely not ! neither No no, this is an earthworm, definitely not a woodlouse !Yeah ! this is a woodlouse ! This is definitely a woodlouse !

The next figure explains briefly what a woodouse is, from the interior point of view!

{Disgusting images of a sacrificed cloporte}

Sincerely, are not woodlice pretty ?

Foundation of Cloportes

This clan has been founded by Oumph the great, Princess Ashura, Aimlin the sexomorph and Fourbonkh the robber during a dark and deep night. Oumph, a Troll warrior was chosen as the first leader of our clan. If you become a member of the mighty cloportes, you will be able to see his giant statue in our Hall of Fame (Hall of Frime, for us, French speaking people). The next king of larvas was Genesis, a ghost magician.

The Cloporte Spirit !

First, the basic cloporte is caracterized by it's very gregarious way of life. As Oumph, founder of the clan always said, loners are weak, characters have to gather themselve to be strong ! This axiom is the basis of the cloporte's rule 

When a character asks for help, Cloporte or not, PK or Player Friendly, good, evil or neutral, every cloporte of enough level, must help him/her.

This means that no cloporte can leave a mate down if he can help him. The king will punish cloportes lacking this attitude

No quest will be required to be admitted in the Cloporte's clan. However, you are requested to fullfill a few requirements to be ranked :

No anti-social behaviour, such as racism, integrism and so on will be allowed from a cloporte player. Let me stress that we are talking about the player, not the character. In fact, dwarves hate elves don't they? so it is normal roleplay to taunt elves when you are a dwarf and roleplay is both appreciated and encouraged.

BUT antisocial comments on public or private channels are prohibited and the responsible player will be punished by the king (deranking the first time, banishment the second). Of course this does not include, friendly provocations, sympatethic insults, and of course idiot humour that are the trademark of cloporte conversation!

Just a few notes on the cloporte behaviour (you can understand first or second degree, depending on your sense of humour):

Clan Organization

This is a mere description of the different ranks available to the cloporte's members

First, the leader, the mighty Sovereign of larvas
The cloporte's leaders (level above 45) are, first of all, the spiritual leaders of the cloportes. They make sure that the cloporte's spirit (and, if applicable, the Gros Nain attitude) is applied by all cloportes.
The sovereigns are elected buy all the cloportes. Every single cloporte, even the weakest has the right to vote! There is no regular schedule for the elections ... in fact there are elections when then current sovereigns are no more able to connect regularly or if a majority of members disagrees with their decisions. Being a sovereighn is not an easy task as you always have to maintain stability in one of the most active clans!
Right now, the Cloporte's clan is the only clan that has two leaders: the royal couple Wren and Thorvald, our beloved Queen and King!
Wren, our mighty and beloved Queen, wife of Thorvald Thorvald our mighty and feared King, husband of Wren
Wren, Queen of cloportes Thorvald, King of cloportes
The wormlords (level above 35)
Initially, wormlords were elected with the leader and there were exactly 4 wormlords, each of them is reponsible for a major task in the clan:
Pit master
The pit master, holds the heritage of the clan. As almost all of the clanners, the cloporte's members can benefit from our private pit. the pitmaster makes sure that the objects in the pit are valuable for some of our members and also creates lists of objects to retrieve when some characters take them from the pit.
To keep track of our heritage, the pitmaster needs your feedback. The rules are very simple, and, as usual with the cloportes, you are not requested to follow them.
  • When you get an item from the pit, please note it to the pitmaster. This way, he will be able to ask powerfull members to get another one for the other players. Obviously, it is very important to notify when you get a reboot item.
  • As some of you might have discovered, sometimes out pit gets full. So, we ask you to notify the pitmaster when you put an object in our pit. From time to time, the pitmaster will sell (and put the money on the Cloporte's bank account) non valuable objects so that there will be room for the important items !
In the past, Tetard and Aimlin proved to be very effective pitmasters! Currently, no wormlord seems to be in charge, but you can always ask Merlin or Torlan.
The Questor
Traditionnaly endorsed by Slaine, the Questor task is not simple : he must create quests for the members who want to be ranked higher in our organization.
Currently, no wormlord seems to be in charge of the quests, so appliants should ask our leaders or any active wormlord.
Clan quest regulator
As some of you might know, clan quests are often launched on midnite (type help quest to know more about them). Merely, the subscrideb clan members have to look for special items, tag undescriptible quest item in many locations of Thera.
To avoid anarchic search, Gremlins used to regulate the tasks assigned to the cloportes, usually assisted by Krishna. Unfortunately, do to tremendous amounts of work irl, both of them do not have much time to log on midnite.
The strike force
Finally, Integra, last but not least of the Wormlords, in fact, the WormLady !. Most powerfull warrior of the clan, and most experienced player too, she is assigned to the strike force task due to her extensive knowledge of the mud.
The webmaster
Traditionnaly, Torlan is the webmaster of the cloportes. Please email him any change you'll like to see on this web page.
Average Woodlouse (level above 20)
The first knights of the clan are responsible for the recruiting of the new members as they gain the rank hability. They also have to make money for their clan
Funny Beetle (level above 10)
Funny Beetle is a somewhat ungrateful rank. Above Little bug ... but below Average Woodlouse ! The quest to become Funny beetle is usually a rather easy one ... at the opposite you will be given an hard quest to become Average Woodlouse ! good luck !
Little bug
Well, we all started as a little bug ! This is the first rank of the cloportes, allowing you to access our clan hall, private pit, ctell and so on ! First task of a little bug : becoming powerfull enough to fullfill a quest to become Funny Beetle !